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Do You Know How Mortgage Insurance Can Be Cancelled?

If you did not put down at least 20% on your home purchase, more than likely, you were required to purchase mortgage insurance. Mortgage insurance is sometimes called Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) or in the case of Government FHA loans, Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP). Mortgage insurance guarantees the lender against any losses should you default. […]

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Mortgages VS Home Equity Loans

Buying a home in New Hope PA is exciting and filled with options. It’s vital for potential home buyers to understand the mortgage “lingo” as they embark down the home ownership path. A common misconception is the difference between home mortgages and home equity loans. They are NOT interchangeable. Here are four important points borrowers must […]

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When Do Reverse Home Mortgages Make Sense

Homeowners living in Quakertown PA may have heard about reverse home mortgages and wondered if pursuing one is a good idea. There’s tons of information online about the advantages and drawbacks of reverse mortgages. It can get confusing! Here are 4 scenarios when reverse home mortgages make sense. Downsizing Is Not an Option If you need a bit of financial […]

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How to get a mortgage in NJ (Checklist)

Qualifying for a home mortgage in New Jersey requires several key steps. Here is an easy checklist to follow to keep you on the right track.  Snapshot Your Financial Picture Understand where your money comes from and goes. Lay out your monthly bills and your other expenses.  Outline Your Budget Decide how much of your income […]

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Mortgage Rates & APR Explained

Most of us don’t have enough cash to pay for our houses up front, so we apply for, secure, and pay for mortgage loans. The lenders involved in the mortgage process check credit, debt load, income, and other important aspects of our financial lives before extending a loan.  How Do Mortgage Rates and APR Affect Your […]

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How much of your income should go towards a mortgage

Think about your salary before buying a home in Richboro PA. Otherwise you might mis-figure the mortgage loan amount you need. Lenders typically recommend earmarking 28% of your net income for your mortgage, For example, if your monthly income after taxes is $4000, the maximum monthly mortgage payment should be $1120. However, the amount you can actually afford might be different, depending […]

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How to get a mortgage in PA (Checklist)

Buying a home in Ivyland? Along with the house of your dreams, you’ll no doubt be looking for the best mortgage for your budget. Here’s a quick checklist for getting a home mortgage.  Gather Your Paperwork Be ready to prove your identity and income, and show your debts and assets. Get documents together at the beginning of your mortgage search.  […]

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Knowing which credit reports mortgage companies use

Buying a home in Chalfont PA? Your mortgage loan choices hinge heavily on your credit scores. If you have a long, lengthy credit history and pay your bills on time, you probably have great credit. If you’ve paid your bills late and maxed out your credit cards, your credit scores may be low.  If you’re planning on purchasing a home and living in Chalfont PA, understand which credit reports […]

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Which Is Better? Looking at 15 Year Mortgages and 30 Year Mortgages

Thinking about buying a home in Bucks County, PA? Then think about the length of the mortgage loan you need.  The majority of U.S. home buyers choose either a 15 year mortgage or a 30 year mortgage. Home mortgages in Bucks County are no different. How do you decide? These questions will help decide which one is right for you.  […]

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How Student Loans Affect Buying A Home

Many Americans shoulder huge amounts of student loan debt. As recent college graduates venture into the housing market, some are shocked that their student loans affect buying a home. If you’re looking for a home mortgage in Newton PA, be aware that student loans affect buying a home in 3 significant ways. 1: The Down Payment A hefty down payment is a smart way […]

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