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Local Mortgage Lenders VS Online Lenders

Many residents are content to continue renting a home; but, when someone is ready to consider buying a mortgage online may appear to be very tempting. Anytime you are dealing with financial matters online, there is a concern about the privacy of your personal information. However, there are other concerns that you should consider before […]

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10 Ways To Qualify For a Mortgage with low credit

One of the many challenges you could face when trying to qualify for a good mortgage is low credit. Qualifying for a mortgage typically requires a robust credit score. However, it is still possible to get a low credit mortgage if you know what steps to take. Here are 10 tips to help you understand […]

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Advice on purchasing your first home

If you are considering buying a home in Bucks County PA or Mercer County NJ there are some steps you can take that can help you with saving on your first time mortgage. Naturally, there are factors that go into obtaining a mortgage which may be out of your control, but there are still ways […]

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Mortgage Mistake #1 : Refinancing with the bank that Holds your Mortgage

Your home mortgage is one of the largest investments in your lifetime. For many, it is the largest debt they will ever assume. Saving 1/8th to ½ percent in rate is a large savings over time. Spending time and effort for the best financing option is no different than considering an investment in the stock market. […]

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How to avoid overpaying for your first home mortgage

One of the challenges many first-time home buyers face is not knowing if they are overpaying for a mortgage. It is important to understand the various items that will impact your interest rate and the type of loan you will qualify for before you start shopping for a home. Some of the factors you should […]

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Is Refinancing Your Home Worth It?

Oftentimes, it is challenging to determine if a refinance is beneficial; there is a lot of conflicting information that makes people wonder. Is refinancing your home worth it? Simply put the answer is — it depends; if done correctly, refinancing can save you thousands of dollars. When To Refinance Homeowners are often tempted to refinance […]

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Refinancing your home after improving your credit

When you apply for a home mortgage, the rate of interest you pay is typically tied to your credit score. The better your credit score, the lower interest rate you should be eligible for. Frequently, new home buyers may not have established a strong credit history and therefore are paying higher interest rates. That means […]

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7 Advantages of Refinancing Your Home Mortgage

Those who have a home mortgage know this is a long-term financial obligation. Your mortgage payment is typically your largest monthly expense. Whether you took out a mortgage a year ago or you have been paying on a mortgage for several years, it may be time to consider refinancing home mortgage to see if you […]

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Local Lending VS. National Lenders

There are a number of decisions you have to make when you are considering purchasing a home or refinancing your existing mortgage. One of those decisions could have a serious impact on you for years to come; that is the decision about your lender. You have the options of using either national mortgage lenders or […]

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Biweekly Mortgage Evaluation

I Get a fair number of questions about bi-weekly payments. A bi-weekly payment plan is really simple. Instead of paying your mortgage payment once a month, you pay half of it every two weeks. Most months, we only collect two half payments – so nothing is different. We take those two half payments and we […]

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